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Wim (on film) and Arnaud in the crater of the Hvannadalsnhúkur, Iceland's highest mountain, after a successful summit attempt early July 2013.

Wim and Arnaud are on the way back from the top of the Hvannadalsnhúkur, Iceland's highest summit. The crater of the volcano is full of snow and is a perfect almost flat slope. This is the Vatnajökull. The second largest glacier in Europe, in terms of area only exceeded by the Austfonna Nordaustlandet on the island (North Country) of Spitsbergen. The glacier is bigger than all the glaciers in the Alps and Norway together. Vatnajökull has an area of ​​about 8100 km² and thus coveres 8% of Iceland with an ice cap up to 1000 meters (!) thick.


27 dec

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